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Self Driving Car in Pondicherry

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Pondicherry is a scenic coastal beauty that has become a very popular weekend destination for people of all age groups. The famous seaside promenade which also houses the Gandhi memorial and an ample amount of space to sit and watch the waves hit the beach is the biggest attraction of the place. People from all over the world have started coming to Pondicherry for a relaxing day at the beach and walk through the French quarter of the town. There are a lot of spots that are known for both their spiritual importance as well as their architectural marvel. If not anything else, you are sure to take home a load of Instagram worthy photos and selfies.

The easiest way to get to Pondicherry as well as move around the town would be by a car. There is the option of renting a car with a dedicated chauffer who will drive you around when you sit back and relax. However, TravelGo also provides the option of self driving cars in Pondicherry. While renting cars in Pondicherry is also a great option, with a self-driven car, you can-

  • Have the privacy you need with your family. This cannot be provided when a stranger drives the car.
  • Have a carefree fun time with your family and friends.
  • Have the independence of choosing your destination at your own timings.
  • Comfort of travelling around where ever you want and the convenience.
  • Travel luxuriously even if you do not own a car

Our prices for renting a self driving car in Pondicherry is very nominal and best in the market. We also provide up to 25 kms free, based on the type of car rented by the customer. The process of renting the car is not very complicated either. The person that is going to drive the car will have to submit a copy of their Driving license and their ID proof, along with a deposit amount that has been agreed upon by the customer and TravelGo, and Voila! You have the car for the day.

TravelGo also provides options to rent self-driven cars from Chennai to Pondicherry and vice versa. Considering that Chennai is the nearest metropolitan to Pondicherry, most of the crowd tends to come in from Chennai. You can reach Pondicherry by bus, rent a car or the cheapest and feasible option would be to rent a self driving car from Chennai to Pondicherry, if one among the group knows to drive a car. Choose a car based on the number of people on your party and the kind of comfort you require, complete all the formalities, pay the deposit and you are good to go. The shortest route to Pondicherry from Chennai is via the ECR road which is also known to be absolutely beautiful and scenic throughout the journey.

When you rent a self driven car from Chennai to Pondicherry or Vice versa, you also have the freedom to make how many ever pit stops you need on the way. If you find any spot that is very scenic and photo-worthy, through the journey or within Pondicherry, you can immediately pull up the car and check it out. Such is the comfort and convenience of renting a self driving car in Pondicherry.

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